Hayden Kowalchuk's Portfolio

A study in Design, Color and Motion


Hayden Kowalchuk

Mobile Application and Backend Software Developer

  • Based in:Atlanta, GA

  • Email:hayden (at) hkowsoftware dot com

  • Skills:C++, C#, C, HaXe, Java, UI Design, Android

Seeking Employment

Currently available for hire

    Lately I have been focusing more on Game Development for current and past systems including: Dreamcast, PSP, and also PC and Mobile. This has mainly been an exercise in working within very tight constraints and still being able to deliver a working product. In addition to this I am always honing my Design and Development skills for the Android platform. My two favorite programming Languagues: C++ and Haxe, continue to be used for many personal projects and my knowledge of them is always growing.

User Interface

Mobile and Desktop

  • Android Material
  • WebOS Enyo2
  • Unity UnityUI
  • HTML5
  • Online Branding for Social and Business

Soft Skills

Workplace and Interpersonal

  • Well Spoken with clear speech
  • Work independently or with team
  • Relentless Autodidact
  • Cheerful and Upbeat
  • Entrepenurial Spirit

Software Development Skills

Programming and Design

  • C, C++:Desktop and Console Applications

  • Haxe:Desktop and Mobile Games

  • C#:Unity, Web and Desktop

  • PHP:Web applications

  • X86, SH4:Assembly, reversing

  • Java:Desktop applications